Sunday, 13 March 2016

Why I Love the History Of The Valley

The Look Out - Cumberland

My name is Robin L.A. Shaw and I have lived in the Valley almost my entire life. I moved to Cumberland from Courtenay when I was ten years old. I lived in Comox before that. So I have made a good part of the valley my home at one point or another. I lived and grew up in the Village until I was in my twenty's when I moved back to Courtenay.

My father Ron Shaw, has always been a big hiker so when we moved to Cumberland he was over-joyed at the trails and history walks. These hikes became a weekly activity for my family and I was lucky to see lots of  history the Valley had to offer at a young age. He took me to see old mines, Comox Lake on both sides, the lookout, Bevan, Chinatown and many other places.

I became fascinated by the history here in the Valley, and my fascination just grew stronger in about grade 5 when my teacher Mr. Ron Bannerman opened my eyes to the world of the past with his great stories about the history here. I had already seen a lot of the old mines, train tracks, and all the old Cumberland homes but he taught us about the history of it all and left me with this nagging feeling that I wanted to know more. The amount of history that I learned from that one man amazes me everyday and the amount of places my Father managed to know about is astonishing for anyone. 

Mr. Bannerman was a well known man in the Valley and had many old students that loved him. 

He suffered from a heart attack the year he taught me and our class. We tried very hard to be the best students for him when he came back and Mr. Bannerman taught for awhile longer before his health just couldn't handle it anymore and he "retired". I say retired in that way because a man like that never truly retires. They just find other ways of working because they cannot just stop. I used to see Mr. Bannerman around Cumberland tending to gardens at parks, being a part of the neighbourhood and just being an all around great person. 

I loved bumping into him. He always had something nice to say. He never forgot my name, not like the other teachers who had trouble remembering your name outside of class, let alone 10 years later. I was lucky to have him as my teacher. He made everything so easy to learn with all his great stories. He had a perfect one for every occasion.

He passed away a few years ago and his lose was felt by many.

His daughter is becoming a well known author and loves history herself. I can see why of course with a great father like that. Here is a small article about her and a link to her site.   

Her site.

In conclusion my history interest began at a very young age. It was motivated by my father through hikes and through learning from the greatest teacher I ever had.

Now that you know why I love Comox Valley history we can move onto the learning about it part. Check out all my great pages in the right sidebar and all my fun links on the left.

All writing by 
Robin L.A. Shaw

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