Bevan Townsite is the ruins of a coal mining community. Bevan, and the areas around it, like Cumberland, were once the site of a huge coal mining operation.

It had eight different mine shafts in the area and #7 shaft here in Bevan in 1902. Its workers consisted of Black, Chinese, Japanese and White men and boys. It was very racially discriminating and it is known for a large amount of mining deaths. No. 7 mine closed in 1921. Other mines in the area operated from around that time until the 1950`s. 

They began building houses in about 1911 and the small town grew quickly. It consisted of a post office, a store, a large hotel and over 100 homes. Some of the houses that used to be here actually got brought into Cumberland and the surrounding area. Many are still around to this day. 

The town was here until about the 1950's when the mines stopped operating. Then, when everything was closed, and the houses were gone, they turned the hotel into a home for mentally-challenged adults, until the 1980, when that too, was closed. Now the area is the site of Lake Trail Guest House, which is like a Bread and Breakfast. 

There is a lot to see along its many trails. There is a nice portion of river that has beautiful clear water, perfect for swimming. With small bridges along the path that make it a lovely walk. They even have a horse hitch for you riders. 

Along the trails you will find many cement foundations, bricks, and I even found a chimney once. You have the chance to stumble upon old glass bottles, coins and many other things left behind from when this was a small town. At one point I found a hole that goes right underground and into one of these buildings, it was a little creepy in there. (Update...its boarded up).  It was very dark and smelled like rotting wood. Good for a day hike or a short walk. 

There is a lot older pictures at The Cumberland Museum.
Here are a few of my favorite ones.


To get there you go straight up Laketrail Road. Pictures and Maps below.

This is what the entrance looks like. Not far down the trail you will find a sign with directions and historical facts.

Bevan has a lot of history, including 

Are You From Bevan? Folksongs of British Columbia.

Very cute song about Bevan Town Area

Well, hello, stranger, how do you do?
There’s something I’d like to say to you.
You seem surprised I recognize;
I’m no company stool but I just surmise
You’re from the place I’m longing to be.
Your smiling face seems to say to me
You’re from the island, your land and my land,
So tell me can it be-


Are you from Bevan? I said from Bevan
Where those fields of stumps they beckon to me.
I’m glad to see you!
Tell me how be you,
And those friends I’m longing to see?
If you’re from Union Bay or Courtenay or Cumberland
Any place below that Bevan second dam-
Are you from Bevan? I said from Bevan,
‘Cause I’m from Bevan too!
Now it was way back in 19 and 12

Our gas committee was put on the shelf.
First we walked out, then we were locked out-
Then by a foul we were all but knocked out.
Our union miners faced guns and jail,
Hundreds of us were held without bail,
But by August 1914 our labor they were courting,
But they blacklisted me-

To learn more about this song go here

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Bevan and some Cumberland

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